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Baronial Seneschal

Seneschal badge

Cecilia di Cefalu (Carol Yanke)
seneschal ~A~T~ caeranterth ~D~O~T~ org
Term Of Office: 8/20/2013 - Present

The Seneschal's Jobs

The SENESCHAL, a greater office, is the administrative officer and legal representative for the Barony, which includes coordinating the other Baronial Officers as required for the smooth operation of the Barony and its relations with outside agencies. The Seneschal is responsible for facilitating monthly business meetings (or any meeting requiring said services). The Seneschal will perform the duties required at Baronial courts. The Seneschal will report in writing to the Kingdom (Domesday). All reports are to be done in a timely manner and follow the guidelines set forth by the Kingdom.

While the Coronet has authority over the medieval aspects of the group's activities, and represents the Crown within the Barony -- and in Caer Anterth Mawr, as in some other groups, the Coronet takes a very active and leading role in running the group and its business -- the Seneschal has final legal authority, both with respect to the group's interactions with modern law, and with repect to the rules/laws/by-laws/policies/etc. of the Society For Creative Anachronism and its branches and affiliates. In certain matters, then, the Seneschal has the authority and responsibility to overrule even the Coronet and other baronial officers.

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History of the office: