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C aer Anterth Mawr's Photo Gallery

If you wish to contribute to the Gallery, please fill out the required submission form, which grants the permission for us to publish your information on the web.

If a photograph of yourself or your minor child appears on this website and you would like it removed, please e-mail the Webminister and it will be removed promptly.


Frame Park, Proposed Site - (taken by Baroness Kateryn of Cornwall, 2007)


Christmas Stockings for the Barony of Seleone - (by Duke Corin, Dec 2005

Changeling Moot 2005 - (by Baroness Kateryn of Cornwall, Oct 2005)

Post-Pennsic Pity Party (& demo) 2005 (by Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose, August 2005)

CAM's Pre-Camping Moot 2005 - (by Lady Enika Svensdottir, May 2005)

Spring Crown Tourney 2005 - (by Lady Enika Svensdottir, May 2005)


Boar's Head, Return of the Cherries - 2004 (by HE Idonia Tait, OP)

CAM 25 Anniversary Photos: CAM 25 - Album 1 (taken/provided by Mistress Idonia Tait, OP)

Trebuchet presentation at AAPT meeting in Florida (January, 2004)


Boar's Head - 2003 (by HE Idonial Tait, OP)

Pity Party (August, 2003)

Royal Progress (July, 2003)


Boar's Head (December, 2002)

Metal Moot (November 16, 2002)

Changeling Moot (November, 2002)

Baronial Championships/ Love Feast (September 21, 2002)



Baronial Championship (September, 2001)

Fighter Practice (July 25, 2001)

Coronet Tournament and Investiture (June 9, 2001)